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ThermalSoundWavesRadio: Clifton Powell [Interview]

605x605)_1040596We kicked it with one of our favorites actor Clifton Powell. He took time out after working all day on the Lifetime series, “Army Wives” to impart his knowledge on everything that’s life. Cliff made sure to cover his experiences with: developing and finding a character, taking the Next Friday character of Pinky and Dead President character of Cutty to the next level, being the Gene Hackman of the hood, giving props to; Denzil Washington, Charles Dutton, Angela Bassett, Samuel Jackson, Delroy Lindo, dealing with criticism for choosing certain roles deemed small or negative, reaching back to help people on the come up, back end money, being professional & humble, not letting ego be bigger than his work, learning from mistakes, handling the entertainment lifestyle, and being coached by Georgetown’s John Thompson in high school. Mr. Powell also gave a shout out to his biggest fan in Chicago, provided advice to a young man in studio, and broke down why he doesn’t do favors. Take a listen and find out what popular sports broadcaster is his nephew and the connection he has to Len Bias, Marion Barry & Petey Green.

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