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Thermal Soundwaves: Fitness & Health with the BARTENDAZ, Retro Kidz and more

SunincircleBartendaz Inc is the fitness division of Constellation a non-profit organization that unites physical fitness, martial arts, youth empowerment and hip-hop to push our youth and our communities to higher standards of physical, social and moral excellence. We are promoting a lifestyle that comprises the notion, that being healthy, intelligent and street smart is cool. Bartendaz, has made being in shape “cool” for people all over the world through adding creativity and fun to fitness through training that infuses natural movements, lexicon and rhythms, merged with self-esteem, community orientation and spiritual health mentorship in a true sense of brotherhood and community support.
In our eleven years of existence, we have directly reached over 200,000 youth in over 80 schools, prisons and Juvenile Detention Centers all over the world. Ten years ago the Bartenders founder, Hassan Yasin, was practicing his own unique fitness drills at a park in Harlem. Intrigued, a group of young men nearby began watching and asked for him to explain his technique. Within a few weeks, the number of followers was in the dozens. The most remarkable result of the program was not the increase in muscular strength and capacity but the dramatic turnaround in the lives of the students. In finding gratification and peer validation in fitness, many of the students chose to veer away from vice and delinquency and reshape their lives. Because of its foundation in hip-hop culture, Bartendaz has been extraordinarily popular with urban youth, and has been a huge success in the most high-risk schools. The Bartendaz program uses a down to earth approach, integrating martial style discipline with dynamic rhythmic drills. This fusion is so engaging that it allows for seamless leadership training and public health education. As such, practitioners of Bartendaz not only advance in their physical fitness, they advance towards their actualization and life goals.

And: the “RETRO KIDS” turn back the clock

SPORTING architectural haircuts that haven’t been seen since the Reagan administration and clothes that looked borrowed from the closets of Run-D.M.C. and Theo Huxtable, a group of young black men who call themselves the Retro Kids are turning heads. These guys are dressed as if “My Adidas” was still blasting from suitcase-size boomboxes on every corner. They were not in costume, they made clear, as a constant stream of curious revelers inquired about their get-ups. “When we walk down the street, people look at us like we’ve been stuck in a time capsule for 15 years,” said Ladaz Marshall, 20, who was wearing snug acid-washed jeans, leopard-print high-top Pumas and a Reebok track jacket from 1988 that he found on eBay. “But this is how we really dress every day. We love it.” The crew of eight range in age from 18 to 27 and hail from Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Many attend Nassau Community College and they all share an obsession for all things ’80s: hip-hop films like “Beat Street,” “Krush Groove” and “Breakin’ ”; ancient gadgets like the beeper; dances like the Running Man and Roger Rabbit. Lately, the guys and their fierce dedication to a look has attracted the attention of the style world beyond their neighborhoods. They recently posed for the men’s fashion magazine Complex, and Tony Shellman, a founder of Parish, which includes hooded sweatshirts with ’80s motifs like turntables and Good Humor ice cream bars, immediately adopted the Retro Kids as inspiration when he met them at a Fashion Week party earlier this year. “They’re so energetic and creative,” he said. “People may look at them like they’re crazy, but they don’t care.” Pop Robinson, creative director of Pro Keds, had a similar reaction. Upon noticing them at the Parish party he wondered, “Had I been drinking too much?” But when he realized they were serious, he loved that they were “keeping it real.” The Retro Kids are negotiating with Pro Keds to appear at special events and in an ad campaign. “They validate a brand like Pro Keds because we’re from the old school,” he said. In a world where the quest for the latest and greatest is all consuming, the Retro Kids, who prefer to rummage through thrift-store bins and scour the Internet for their old-school looks, are an anomaly. While it’s common for white hipsters and fashionistas of all stripes to fill out their wardrobes with vintage finds, the hip-hop generation has looked askance at wearing somebody’s hand-me-downs. “Your typical hip-hop guy doesn’t like anything dusty on their bodies,” said June Ambrose, a stylist for artists like Jay-Z and the author of “Effortless Style: Make Looking Good Look Easy.” “They want everything crisp, fresh and spanking new.” And, she added: “A lot of these guys grew up in the inner city and they had to wear hand-me-downs. So when you can afford to buy your own clothes, the last thing you want to do is wear somebody else’s.” But that doesn’t mean rappers are immune to the ’80s revival, which in recent years has spurred many a fashion-minded woman to don leggings, shoulder-baring sweaters and high-waisted denim. Kanye West, Pharrell and Lil Wayne have appeared at events sporting the behemoth ’80s gold chains, known as dookie ropes. And Lil Jon, who said his iPod is chock-full of ’80s hits, such as MC Lyte’s “Cha Cha Cha,” is hunting for the perfect pair of gold Gazelles, early hip-hop’s answer to Jackie O’s signature oversize sunglasses.
Plus: We discuss Morehouse’s new dress policy for students and the NBA is back but baseball is still here-what’s going on?. Of course we have new music to spin and as usual you will get a well rounded variety of tings tonight in addition to other surprises. If you have music, comments or thoughts, Send them to: thermalsoundwaves@gmail.com. As always we give the people new music, interesting conversations, honest unbiased opinions and wholesome fun. Radio for the people is back. We rock from Madrid to Cayman Island to Hawaii to Phoenix. Check out the show that everyone loves or loves to hate. Either way bring it on, we isn’t scared. We got a buffet, get yourself a plate!
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