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Richmond High Holds Vigil For Rape Victim [Video]

Article via Bay Area Blog:

The Bay Area is still grappling with the events that happened outside of Richmond High School the night of Oct. 24 and details continue to emerge, such as this afternoon’s release of the 911 call that brought police to the scene.

There have been a lot of coulda-woulda-shoulda reaction that are now coalescing into concrete actions.

More than 20 parents have recently raised their hands to be involved at Richmond High, a school of 1600 students that had no parent volunteers at the homecoming dance near which the rape occurred, and no parent volunteers at all this year, according to the principal.

Since the rape, the Richmond community has met multiple times and agonized about the assault. Last night, the West Contra Costa Unified School District approved 10 security measures around the campus and agreed to an independent investigation of homecoming dance supervision and other safety issues on campus by the county’s Office of Education.

Beyond the calls for concrete changes like these, the publicity surrounding the gang rape has led to discussions about race, poverty and culture.

Oakland Local has gathered some of the discussions going on, using a screen shot from Jodi Foster’s “The Accused.” Many plays, books and movies like “The Accused” take pains to show the process of de-humanization and how it can lead to human horrors. Doesn’t matter—we cannot understand enough about what happened.

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