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Sports: Bengals WR Chris Henry Dies At 26

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Cincinnati Bengal Chris Henry with fiancée Loleini Tonga, and kids: DeMarcus, 10 months, Seini, 3, and Chris Jr., 2.

Chris Henry, a wide receiver for the NFL Cincinnati Bengals, was pronounced dead on Thursday morning at 6:36am at a hospital in Charlotte, NC. The footballer had suffered life-threatening injuries to his head after falling out the back of a pick up truck belonging to his fiancee, Lolenini Tonga. The incident occurred on Wednesday, but after remaining in the hospital overnight, he died at only 26 years old.

According to police, Henry and Tonga were arguing Wednesday afternoon, and when the situation started to get out of hand, she decided to get out of the house to cool off. However, while she was trying to drive off, Henry climbed into the bed of the truck, falling out about half a mile from their home. He was rushed to the hospital after suffering serious injuries to his head and was put in intensive care at Carolina’s Medical Center.

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Police later released two 911 calls related to the incident. The first was from a woman driving behind the couple, and they saw Henry in the back with no shirt on, banging on the back window. The second call was from a man saying there was a man laying in the road who appeared to be unconscious.

Henry has had a hard time living a clean life – 5 arrests and 2 suspensions from playing in the NFL – yet his team didn’t give up on him. It’s sad that his life has ended now, as over the last year-and-a-half he has started a new chapter in his life and turned things around. He and Tonga were engaged and raising three children in their home.

Mike Brown, the Bengals’ owner, said that they all knew him differently than the public, as he had worked through his troubles and finally seemed to reach a point of blossoming. He would have had the future everyone wanted for him, he continued, and it is painful for him and the team to know he’s gone. They feel it in their hearts and will miss him, Brown added.

Article via MNS UK

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