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Scarface Planning To Remake Cuts From BDP’s ‘Criminal Minded’

Uncle ‘Face recently let the cat outta the bag regarding a rumor he was preparing to remake some classic cuts from Boogie Down Production’s Criminal Minded LP:

HipHopDX: I need to ask you about something a little birdie told me recently: is it true that Scarface is remaking Boogie Down Production’s classic Criminal Minded album?
Scarface: Not the whole album, but I’m making some [of it]…

DX: So [you’re saying] just a few songs [from the album]…?
Scarface: I’m thinking so. Um…I haven’t really came to the conclusion yet of what I’m gonna do with it, but I know for a fact that I’m remaking “9mm Goes Bang,” along with “Poetry” and shit like that. I just feel like – And it’s not for a personal gain, it’s a respect thing. I’m [paying respect by remaking] [KRS-One’s] whole fucking shit. I feel like he deserves that compliment. Like muthafuckas forget where it came from, man. I remember growing up in junior high school, and like my first couple years that I spent in high school, I fucking had that rhyme scheme. I wrote my rhymes like that [mumbles cadence from “Poetry”]. I was that!

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