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DJ Premier Interview with Vibe [Article]

DJ Premier recently sat down with Vibe to speak on the recent events/issues pertaining to Guru’s death. In the candid interview, he addresses Guru’s deathbed letter, Solar tarnishing Guru’s legacy, Guru’s gay rumors & more. Read the full article here.

On Guru’s Deathbed Letter
“Well, I would love to see that letter. I would love to see the handwriting. Because I know Guru’s handwriting like the back of my hand with all the bills we had to pay together. I know it’s not him.”

On Solar Tarnishing Guru’s Legacy
“Guru was able to get two gold albums; he was able to do the Jazzmatazz album. So everything that we gained makes you think, “You mean to tell me you are going to blow it all away and act like that’s not an important part of what made us who we are?” With a silly ass letter like that??? When you say ‘Ex-DJ’ where is my name at? Because there are two other DJ’s that was DJing with Guru besides me. There was Doo Wop and Shawn Ski, who was our backup DJ when I had to go back to college. He always held us down. Calling me the ex-DJ doesn’t mean anything to me. Why don’t you just say Christopher Martin?”

On Guru Gay Rumors
“I don’t believe it. All these little rumors about Guru and some other shit… it can’t be. Because he had too many women.”

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  1. Julian
    May 27, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    I don’t believe Guru could write something like that…sounds fool and out of context. Probably we’ll never know the truth behind this…but who cares.His musical legacy is too big to let it be blurred by shady stuff.

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