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Chrisette Michele ‘Talks Hair’ On Vibe [Article]

The first time I went natural was in high school. I chopped all my hair off. It was super random, like this time. I went to a school that had eight Black kids so a lot of the kids had never seen this what they were calling this beautiful Black, cottony hair on my head, so it was a lot of fun. I was a mini-celebrity in high school because of the ‘fro I had. So in high school, I learned that I was Black. I know that sounds silly to say but when you’re around a lot of different types of people and you don’t see your face a lot, you don’t really feel like you stand out.

Black hair is so easy to change. We can go straight and there are so many hairpieces available to us. Black women are the queens of self-expression. We know how to express ourselves with the way we look and we enjoy doing that. We come from a colorful, colorful history so we’ve got a lot of places to pull from.

Chrisette Michele brings up some great points in this blog entry. You can can view the whole article here. I guess we have to get use to her new look from now on. In related news, Chrisette is already working on her third solo album dropping later this year.

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