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Toni Braxton Says The Music Industry Is ‘Sexist’

“It’s still hard for female performers in the music business – it’s still very sexist. If you have an opinion you just get patted on the head. And if you’re passionate about something, they say, ‘It must be her time of the month.’ A guy is a dude for expressing himself, but a girl is being a little b**tch.” And Braxton hopes strong female role models like Lady Gaga will help break down barriers in the music industry and make the business more equal. She adds, “She’s open with her sexuality, her image. I just think as a woman she should be allowed to express herself.”

Now I agree with Toni to some degree, but considering that her album isn’t doing so well on the charts, I’m not too shocked she made these comments. I mean if my album was on pace to sell a meager 45-50k in one week, I’d think of a good enough excuse myself. So I would just throw this ‘theory’ out there to brainwash the public. I’m not saying it’s not happening (particularly in Hip Hop), but it just seems like an excuse right at this point. I guess Toni realized this after she noticed she wasn’t going to have a big comeback (such as Sade or Monica). I’m just sayin…

Spotted at Singersroom

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