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Rick Ross x The Roots- B.M.F. (Live On Jimmy Fallon) [Video]

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The Teflon Don performs his street banger on the Jimmy Fallon show along with the Roots.

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Doug Tirola- Thermal Soundwaves Radio (Interview) [Audio]

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The Radio Boys (Kev Lawrence, C.Truth) caught up with President/Executive Producer Doug Tirola of 4th Row Films. He spoke on his latest venture, “An Omar Broadway Film” which recently debuted on HBO and is now available on DVD. The documentary chronicles the behind bars experience of Omar Broadway who was sentenced to 10 yrs in maximum security Northern State prison in Newark, NJ.

Omar was assigned to Security Threat Group Mgmt (STGMU) designed to separate gang members. Appalled by the substandard conditions, Omar snuck in a camera secretly shooting footage of what was going on hoping for a trump card for early release. Doug explained how he obtained the footage, put the film together, the effect of sneaking that camera into prison has on many issues, the current status of Omar, what makes a good film, shooting in Newark, Detroit, Houston and the security needed to do that, the role Omar’s mother played in all of this, the upcoming National Lampoon’s project, how you can get creative like Omar, and why he is on a mission to leverage the visions of indy filmmakers to award winning branded content.

Listen here: Doug Tirola- Thermal Soundwave Radio (Interview) [Audio]

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Katy Perry’s Cover Story In Billboard Magazine + Excerpts

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Provided below are the seven classiest quotes from Katy Perry’s cover story in Billboard Magazine (the full interview you can read here), strictly in anticipation of her upcoming album Teenage Dream, which is due out August 24th (Magazine cover below):

  1. “I’m not coming out trying to prove anything to anyone, like, ‘Oh, I’m in assless chaps!’ or ‘I can’t be tamed!’ I’ve already been through that phase. I started at 23, you know?” [Yeah, Miley!]
  2. “I really wanted to call this album Teenage Wet Dream.”
  3. On a certain lyric from “California Gurls”: “I don’t like sand in my stilettos. Whoever wrote that line deserves to be fired!”
  4. “I’m not saying, ‘Oh, my God! “California Gurls” is a fucking genius opus!’ I just know what kind of card this summer needs, and that’s the one I’m playing.”
  5. “I really love going to shows where I’m sandwiched between people, and you don’t know if the sweat on you is yours or the person’s next to you.”
  6. On Teenage Dream’s “Circle The Drain,” which was inspired by her ex Travie McCoy: “It’s kind of like my ‘You Oughta Know’ Alanis Morissette moment.”
  7. And the classiest quote comes from Jason Flom, onetime chairman/CEO of Capitol Records, who signed Perry to the label, as he says, for cheap: “…it was a really bad deal because she’d been dropped, so it’s not like we were going to give her a huge advance.”

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Wyclef Jean Defends Yele Haiti on Fox Business [Video]

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Clef defends Yele Haiti against allegations that they spend far too much of the money they receive in donations on administrative expenses.

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Foxy Brown Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Rapper Foxy Brown is in the news again.  According to TMZ, the Brooklyn femcee was taken into custody after 6 p.m. ET for violation of a restraining order. The story goes that Foxy had another dustup with her neighbor, who has a restraining order against Brown, according to the New York Post. Neighbors reportedly were forced to step in and hold Brown before any physical contact between the two occurred.

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Ne-Yo Inspired By Michael Jackson, Boredom On ‘Libra Scale’

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Ne-yo has revealed that his upcoming new album Libra Scale is a project in which he felt the need to be more creative in the vein of the late Michael Jackson because he was bored of his previous material:

“It is made up of a few components. Firstly, boredom! I was bored with the concept of just doing another compilation of songs. I wanted to do something with a little more creative edge to it. Secondly, the late great Michael Jackson. Looking back on what he did for entertainment as a whole was a key inspiration and motivation to push the envelope a little bit”.

“I did it for the sake of entertainment. Nobody really does concepts anymore, thus the music, the visual, the whole nine is just bland. Call this album seasoning salt for the entertainment pallet”. Source

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Kelly Rowland- Power 98 Interview [Video]

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week, some news surfaced that Kelly Rowland’s album would be officially pushed back to late Fall. The singer stopped by Power 98 to speak on the upcoming project (producers & collaborators), rumors of a Destiny Child’s reunion, and naming her new album. Apparently she’s asking her fans to help her with the title. You can visit here for more info.

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