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Possible Cover-Up In Pace University Student Shooting

The story of Danroy “D.J.” Henry, the Pace University football player who was shot and killed by police on October 17, continues to develop over a week after his death.

According to the original police report, when a police officer tapped on Henry’s window, Henry sped off and hit a second police officer, who ended up on the hood of Henry’s car. Police say when Henry did not respond to orders to stop driving, he was shot by the officer on the hood of his car and by a second officer who was in the path of Henry’s moving car. Since the incident, police have made various statements that Henry received medical aid three to five minutes after being shot.

“It sounds too dramatic, like a movie almost. It’s so exhilarating that you don’t want look into the story,” said Nathaniel Ford, a fellow football player and friend of Henry.

“It’s not credible and it sounds absurd,” said Eric Josey, a representative for 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, who also pointed out that the Mt. Pleasant Police Department has no Black officers. “And there is no independent civilian witness to corroborate this [police account].”

Meanwhile, amidst growing pressure, investigators are looking into the story, and some disturbing findings have been made in the past week. Thanks to Amsterdam News.

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