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Who Is Erick Salgado–and Should He Be Mayor?

11504_460995373980634_1570827946_nWhile the other six Democratic politiicians were going mano a mano at Wednesday’s mayoral debate on Hispanic issues at Hunter College, the only Latino candidate–who actually speaks Spanish without a grating Bloombito accent–nearly got lost in the shuffle. Erick Salgado, a minister of Puerto Rican descent, struggled to make his voice and views heard above the noisy confrontations over stop and frisk, the city budget and other issues.

But Salgado, 42, did make an impression for his humor. After several of the candidates thanked the moderator, NY1’s Juan Manuel Benitez, for teaching them Spanish–or asked for lessons–Salgado said in Spanish, “I am Hispanic, I speak Spanish and I don’t need Juan Manuel to teach me Spanish.”

Salgado, who received his doctorate in theology and has established churches in Red Hook and Bensonhurst Brooklyn, also distinguished himself from the other candidates. “I am going to be the first one to enter the room and the last one to leave it,” he said. “I’m going to be for the people, because I am the only candidate that is coming from the people.”

He also used humor to separate himself from Mayor Bloomberg. “Who is the mayor to tell me what I am going to drink?” he said about Bloomberg’s public health policies. “What is going to be next? The chicken wing? We love chicken wings.”

In 2003, Salgado, began a radio ministry known as Radio Cantico Nuevo, and grew it into one of the largest Spanish evangelical networks in the New York region. He lives in Staten Island with his wife and six children.

8ab2ee7f-1e5c-479f-b823-fc8c8438fef3_500In the mayoral mashup, he is considered a long shot. Salgado entered the race in April, later than other candidates outside of Anthony Weiner, has low name recognition and has raised only $206,000–compared to $7 million for Christine Quinn.

Still, he gets his points across. Commenting on immigration at a another mayoral forum at Hostos Community College, he slammed his fist onto the table then into the air, shouting, “I am going to fight for the Latinos to at least have the dignity to be identified in the City of New York.”

As the other candidates applauded, he added, smiling, “I’m sorry, I’m a preacher.”

You can stream Wednesday’s debate on NY1 or NY1 Noticias. Click here to learn more about Erick Salgado.

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