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Diddy Nervous About Sound Of Delayed ‘Train To Paris’

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

As ultra confident as Diddy depicts himself in the media, the latest issue of NME finds the mogul nervous regarding his heavily delayed Last Train To Paris (now scheduled for December) with group Dirty Money:

“There’s definitely nerves. It’s nerve-wracking because there’s more singing for me. You have a new concept, and it took people a while to buy into it. I think a lot of times people forget how many hits I’ve had. I take pride in having hit records that still play in clubs now. I take people on a musical journey, and when we bring that up to date it just gets even more intense.”

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Diddy’s Decision To Let Biggie Stay In L.A. “Haunts Him”

June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

With all the great decisions Biggie has made business-wise, there’s still one bad decision that still haunts him (and hip hop as well) to this day. Diddy recently revealed that one his biggest regrets is not insisting that the late Notorious B.I.G. handle some business overseas; a move that could have saved Biggie’s life.

Via MTV:

“Probably the only regret that does haunt me was the night that Biggie got killed. … He was supposed to go to London for a promo tour, and he had talked me into letting him stay in L.A.,” the entertainer revealed in a press conference video posted online by US Rap News. “That’s, like, a regret that I have, just not forcing him to get on the plane.”

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