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Solar Responds To DJ Premier’s Comments Regarding Guru’s Death

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

This story just continues to get weirder and weirder. In a press release, Solar lashed out at DJ Premier’s recent comments alleging that when he visited Guru in the hospital, Guru was “unshaven, his toes and finger nails were not clipped” and the rapper “unkempt”.

“Guru was cared for in the CCU at their highest level of care for a patient in his condition. I was at the hospital every day — some days numerous times to check on Guru,” Solar claimed. “He was always clean and well attended too. Guru was in a room equipped with around-the-clock video surveillance as well as hospital personnel. Premier’s visit can be easily verified. The hospital has a strict visiting policy which includes signing in to see a patient. The CCU has an even stricter policy which is very thoroughly enforced.”

Solar continued that he is going to verify Premier’s visit by checking the video and hospital logs and reporting his findings.

“They will most certainly ask what day this visit took place and what time did he visit to facilitate process. My people and I would never tolerate any mistreatment of Guru in any way, shape, or form,” Solar said. “Did DJ Premier complain to the hospital authorities about what he claims he saw?! If so who were the hospital authority? [sic] What was their response?” ~ AHH

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