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Must-See Movie–Fruitvale Station

July 17, 2013 Leave a comment

fruitvale-station-posterHave you seen Fruitvale Station? If not, stop reading this post and run and out see it right now. It’s the best film of the year–this year’s Beasts of the Southern Wild: a well-made, deeply affecting independent movie that touches upon an issue painfully close to the headlines.

The film, a top-prize winner at Sundance, tells the true story of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who, while unarmed, is shot to death by law enforcement officers. It couldn’t be more timely in the face of the Trayvon Martin tragedy and George Zimmerman travesty. But more importantly Fruitvale is the most complex, textured and realistic portrayal of a black man in American in years. It goes without saying that the first-time director, Ryan Coogler, is one talented brother.

Keep an eye on the starring actor, Michael B. Jordan. He played QB Vince Howard on Friday Night Lights as well as the heart-breaking role of  young drug dealer Wallace on The Wire. The movie also stars the Academy Award winning Octavia Spencer (Minnie, in The Help) who shines, as Oscar’s mother, Wanda. But all the actors shine. 061913-celebs-life-in-film-octavia-spencer-fruitvale.jpg

Though the movie is in limited release (at the Angelika and Loews Lincoln Center in New York; why not Magic Johnson Theater?), it’s gaining momentum. On Friday, watch the BET documentary Fruitvale Station: The Story of Oscar Grant at 10 PM EST on Centric for a behind-the-scenes look at how the movie was made.

If we don’t support films like Fruitvale, there’s no point in complaining every season when the only black films star Madea. See Fruitvale to support it. But also see it because it’s damn good. Click here for the trailer.