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Anna Gray Is Sole Beneficiary Of Gary Coleman’s Will (News)

June 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Via GossOne:

According to Gary Coleman’s will, a mystery woman, named Anna Gray, will be the sole beneficiary of his estate. The story of Gary and Anna’s relationship has since been uncovered, and it was found that Anna and Gary became friends in 1997, before he met his wife Shannon. She stayed at Gary’s home for several months (in separate bedrooms, I know what you were thinking!). She was later named the CEO of Gary’s corporation.

Anna was asked to leave his home after he meet his now ex-wife Shannon Price. A source says:

“When Shannon moved in, the relationship got difficult because Shannon didn’t like the fact that there was somebody else in his life, of course, he sided with [Shannon], and Anna was asked to leave.”

Gary’s will also states that he would like:

“to be cremated and that there be no funeral service, wake, or other ceremony memorializing my passing.”

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